An Important Message from Atlanta Public Schools for Immigrant Families

APS is a welcoming school district that serves all Atlanta students without regard to their immigration status. We’ve learned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are planning to make mass arrests and deportations targeting migrant families beginning on Sunday, July 14 in major U.S. cities. ICE agents often enter homes or approach immigrants on the street, at work, in their cars, or at court. We encourage everyone who is concerned with protecting themselves or their community members to know your rights. Click here to be directed to all the Know Your Rights resources. You can also Print out the #KnowYourRights card in multiple languages.


If you have a smartphone, consider downloading or RedadAlertas, two apps that can alert your local deportation defense community if you are approached by law enforcement. In addition, you can contact the Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative, which provides pro bono legal representation to detained immigrants. Visit


Thank you and stay safe.