Junior Academy

Dear Junior Academy Families:

On behalf of the entire Junior Academy (JA)staff, we would like to wish a “welcome aboard” to our 6th graders and a welcome back to our returning 7th & 8th graders. We are geared up to experience a year like none other and we have worked this summer to make sure that this will be a great year for all JA students.

We have been working since the completion of last school year to build on our successes from last year and enhance the experiences for this year. The JA staff received professional development in E-Learning and have been seeking cutting edge instruction techniques to make virtual learning whole for our learners.

The JA staff is set to meet the challenges of 21st Century learning and our experienced members are up to the task. Familiar faces like our Dean of Students, Ms. Terrilyn Ali-Ferguson, will lead the charge in making this year a success. She will be supported by Instructional Coaches, Ms. Tammisha Butler (Math), Mr. Shaun Harris (Literacy), Ms. Shameka Williams(PBL), and Ms. Courtney Bryant (STEAM/PBL). Dr. Juliet Pinder will support student in the SST process, and we are welcoming Ms. Chinnetta Buford-Duffie who will assist our students in Special Education. Our Counselors are Ms. Sherrie Nikki Hudson and Ms. Stephanie Puritt-Cook.

All grade level, Enrichment teachers, and support staff have spent numerous hours preparing materials, creating student-centered virtual lessons, and reviewing data. We are poised to make this year a phenomenal one under the ever changing circumstances with which we are faced.

We are up to the challenge, so let’s get started being GREAT!!!

Gregory Leaphart
Junior Academy Principal