Senior Academy

Welcome to the Senior Academy!

I am ecstatic to start this journey as the Senior Academy Principal. Over the past few years, we have accomplished tremendous feats with the highest graduation rates in the district; highest persistence rates; Debate, Golf, Tennis, and Cross Country State Championships, as well as a host of individual academic successes. These accomplishments are a testament to the will of our students, the relationship with our parents, and the persistence of an excellent faculty and staff. 

I look forward to continuing the work with our students and our families for years to come. Together, we develop and shape the character, as well as, leadership capacity of every student in the Drew family. We all play a role in ensuring that our children are successful. Through care, tough love, listening, and some restorative practices, we achieve that success. 

This is going to be an excellent school year for our students. Thank you for being a part of this memorable journey. I look forward to building the future with you!

Kendrick Myers
Principal, Senior Academy