Senior Academy

Welcome to the Senior Academy!

It is my honor to welcome our students and families for the 2022 - 2023 school year. We have demonstrated continued excellence and resilience over the past few years. In just this past school year, the Senior Academy made history in academics and athletics. We became the first high school to be fully STEAM certified, competed in the State Literary Competition, received superior ratings in chorus and orchestra, won our first ever basketball State Championship, competed in our first ever soccer State Championship, and won a host of other academic and athletic accolades. We’ve continued to work together to bring the best out of each other. I am sure we will continue these efforts as we move forward. These accomplishments are not the sum of who we are but significant marks of moments in our history. 

I look forward to continuing the necessary work of creating a memorable high school experience for our students. Together we will build and nurture an equity-centered learning community. Together, we will encourage the dreams and aspirations of our students. We are the models and advocates that are responsible for cultivating the learning community that we call the Drew family.

I look forward to reinforcing the already auspicious future for our learning community with you!

Kendrick Myers

Principal, Senior Academy