Emily Blackwell

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department challenges kindergarten through high school students to develop their creative visions. Drew artists plan and produce mixed media solutions for 21st Century problems.  Students are encouraged to become lifelong makers for problem solving as well as the sole sake of art creation. Drew visual artists are confident designers, illustrators and builders.

Project Based Learning

Visual Arts is a veteran classroom of Project Based Learning, also known as PBL. Drew students are presented with assignments that are limited, yet creatively open ended. Students use in-depth inquiry to hone their 21st Century Skills and collaborate with other students, teachers and the community.  Visual Arts teachers at Drew collaborate with classroom teachers on effectively using materials and techniques for Project Based Learning. 


Drew’s Performing Arts and Visual Arts programs put the "A" in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer, ARTS, and Math) at Drew.  Visual Artists link Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into the designs and techniques that are used on a daily basis. 

The philosophy that all subjects are relative is common knowledge in this STEAM- based environment.  Teachers from these subjects collaborate to create rich lessons connecting academic classrooms and relating to real life situations with community members that have careers in associated fields.