2022-2023 Drew Opportunity Fund Donors

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*As of 04/15/2023

Anonymous (8)

Julia Abram

Margaret Aldredge

Tameka Allen Ed.D

Ron Alston

AMB Group, LLC

Law Office of Chae H An, LLC

Nia Anderson '18

Mary Elizabeth Antoine

Ilham Askia

Eric Ayers and Almanzia Opeyo

The Baileys

Angel Bales-Carnley

Basin Family

Rick Bent

Sharon Bernat

Jasper Bloomingdale

The Boehmer Family

Laura Bollman

The Bonomo-Saropala Family

Reena Booker

The Bracewells

MacKensie Brandt

The Greers

Warnetta Brewton

Cathy Broaddus

Althea Broughton

LaTonya Brown

Courtney Bryant

Casey and Hunter Burns

Linda and Tim Butler

Pat Cahill and Walter Kalaidjian

The Causse Family

Caitlan Cole

Lauren Coleman

The Coleman Family

Dr. June Cooley

Paul and Lisa Cox

Sarah and Michael Curry

Shelly Curson

Mike Davis

Martha Deal

Fleming James and Marion Dearing

The DeChants

The DeGruy Family

Deloitte Services LP

The Dinerman Family

Robert Dixon

Donald J. Doran

Skye Duckett

East Lake Development Corporation

East Lake Foundation

Education Leadership Council

Faith Evangelista, Subash & Mercer Patel

Fabu Face Spa

Chris and Ashley Ferguson

Ana Margarita Fernandez

The Ferrells

An appreciative parent

Dr. Stacey French-Lee

Gander-Miller Family

Donna C. Guadin

Betty Geter

Deirdra Glover

Lacey Glover

Leigh Gobbel

Dana Goldman

Goodwin/Sullivan Family

The Graham Family

Robyn Grant

Sam and Kaye Graves

Callie N. Green

Shauna and Andy Greene

Brittany and Justin Griswold

Dr. Keisha Hancock

Harms Family

The Harris Family

The Heath Family

Shannon H. Longino

Ronitia Hodges

Peter Höyng & Mentewab Ayalew

Geneka Holyfield

Joey Hooten

Nicki Nicole Howard

Jan and BJ Howell

Jaden and Jaala Hudson

H. Hume

Jermain Hundley

Austin S. Igleheart, IV

Eric and Natcha Ingram

Emily Desprez Isbell

Jason Jackson

Natasha Jenkins

Tawana  Johnson

The Jordan Family

Gillian Kelley

Stephen and Aimedra Kelley

Victoria Kelley

Scott and Ekaette Kern

David J. Kim

Nathan Kirksey

Kirkyard Public House

Cynthia Kuhlman

Katherine Kulow

Lakes Family

The Lee Family

Emily S Leeson

The Luczynski Family

Kevin Lynch

Magness Design Company

The Mahoney Family

The Makar Family

Maddox, Marley and Morgan Matthews

Ann May

Coach Mayfield

Ms. M.G. McCaskill

Laurin McClung

Kristin McDonald

The McKelvey Family

Aminu Mohammed

The Molinaro Family

Rachel and Tim Monroe

S. Gordon Moore, Jr.

The Mugavero Family

Muhlenkamp Charitable Fund

Billie and Paul Muthig

Kristin Myers

Quindell Myrick

The Northrup Family

Ms. Solange Ntumba

Annalee Oppert

Tomomi Ota

Hannah Page

Santa Claus

James Parker

Amber Person

Laura Peyton

The Phillips Family

Liza Pogorelov

Laila Porter

Lindsey Glenn Pruett

Rob Richardson

The Rijo Family

Lee Roberts

The Roe Family

Amy Salter

Rodney Sanders

The Sayers Family

James and Darlene Schweitzer

The Rawls Family

Jordan Selbiger

Aaliyah Shakir

The Shannon Family

Danny Shoy, Jr.

Tris Sicignano

The Simmons Family

Luana K. Slaughter

Eden Smith Parks

Amanda Smith

Kila and Ron Smith

Christine Stauber

Thomas Family

Ricci Thomas

Janale Harris

Yolanda Traylor and Titus Smith

Trivers/Baker Family

Tull Charitable Foundation

The Wahler Family

The Walker Family

Magdalene and Derrick Walker

Jeanette E Webster-Whyte

Frank White and Elizabeth Feichter

Mr. and Mrs. Jerred Wilson

George and Barbara Wirth

The Withers Family

Josh Woiderski

Catherine Woodling and Evan Strange

Lenora M. Woods

Trish Worthington Cobb, Grandmother of Zeke & Toby

Andrea Wright

Janiece Wyche

Tribute Gifts

In Honor of:

Brie Buchanan 

Donated By:  Emily Leeson

Twana Cannon 

Donated By:  Jack Walker

Class of 2018

Donated By:  Nia Anderson '18

Tiffany Edwards 

Donated By:  Jason, Lauren, Nat and Julia Harms

Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman

Donated By:  Danny Shoy, Jr.

Lindsey Luczynski 

Donated By:  Fleming James and Marion Dearing

M.L.K., Jr.

Donated By:  Ana Fernandez

Brittany Glenn Molinaro

Donated By:  Lindsey Glenn Pruett

Roshana Paxton 

Donated By: Whitman Walker

Mia Rasco

By: Jan and BJ Howell

Macsen and Lionel Rawls

By: The Rawls Family

Zeke and Toby Ravenscraft

By: Trish Worthington Cobb

Sid Swaminathan

By: Linda and Tim Butler

In Memory of:  

Eliot D. Bernat

Donated By: Sharon Bernat

Eva Davis

Donated By:  Stacey French-Lee

Deshon Dubose

Donated By:  Illham Askia, Susan Aquino, Deirdra Glover, The Guberman Family, Natasha Jenkins, Cynthia Kuhlman, The Mahoney Family,

Eden Smith Parks, George and Barbara Wirth

William Garner

Donated By:  The Garner Family

Mary L. & Rollin O. Gaudin Jr.

Donated By: Donna C. Gaudin

Jane MacInnes

Donated By:  Katherine Kulow

Jeffrey Shoap

Donated By:  Annalee Oppert

Gregory Wahler

Donated By: The Wahler Family

Larry Webster

Donated By:  Cynthia Kuhlman

Harold Woods

Donated By:  Eric Ayers, LaTonya Brown, Caitlan Cole, Lauren coleman, Don Doran, Jermain Hundley, Cynthia Kuhlman, Millicent McCaskill, Brittany Molinaro, Quindell Myrick, Lee Roberts, Joshay A Simmons, Jeanette E Webster-Whyte, Andrea Wright, Janiece Wyche

Debbie Yeatman

Donated By:  Robyn Grant 

Sheikevious Young

Donated By: Emily Desprez Isbell

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