Using Drew Assist For Remote Tech Support

Drew Assist is a program through Windows Quick Assist that allows a member of the Drew Tech team to remote into your device to assist with a service ticket.  This application allows for a simpler way of connecting with you as the user and troubleshooting the technical issue you are experiencing.  After you have submitted a service ticket, in instances where a Drew Tech Team member needs to contact you, the team member may ask you to share your screen through Drew Assist.  If so, the team member will walk you through the following steps to access and use Drew Assist:

  • To pull up Drew Assist, first locate it on your desktop.
  • Click to open. Once you open the application, your assisting Drew Technician will provide you with a 6-digit code to enter to start connecting.
  • Then ensure that you hit Allow on the following page
    Once you select the Allow button, the Technician should be connected to your device and can begin troubleshooting your issue.