Wifi Tips for Better Connectivity

If your WiFi is unstable, check the following to potentially improve your connectivity:


See if you can get closer to the router in your home. Sometimes distance can be a huge factor in wireless integrity as some homes have structural interference that can hinder communication with the router and your devices.

Speed Test

Visit https://speedtest.net/, and run a speed test to see exactly how fast your internet is for the device you're using. If you get anything similar to a result like- Ping: 100ms Download: 20Mbps Upload: 10Mbps then this indicates you may have a slow internet connection at home.  You can further validate this by running the same speed test on your phone as phones in this day and age have the best wireless capabilities. If the phone has the same issue then it most definitely may be your Internet Provider who needs to troubleshoot the issue.


If you have an ethernet port on the laptop and an ethernet cable lying around, consider using it.  Using the ethernet cable connection will give you a direct, wireconnection to the router.   It is almost certainly always better to directly connect your device to the router. Wired connections are rated much higher than wireless connections, and wired connections do not fall prey to interference issues. Wired connections provide better speed and reliability.  If using an ethernet connection,  you can further validate connectivity using the speed test mentioned above after establishing your wired connection.


Sometimes the router you are using may be too old. If it was provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the router should be decent and perform well, but if you are using your personally owned, older router you may want to upgrade.  If the router you are using is more than four years old, it will have an older wireless protocol that runs at a slower speed. Newer routers run 802.11ac/ad/ax which is a protocol that allows wireless to run much faster and will be compatible with newer hardware that can connect to it.


Using anything that is called a "repeater" or "extender" is not recommended if you are trying to fix a dead zone in your home. These things typically make situations worse.  A hotspot would be a good idea so long as it gets a decent cellular signal.

Drew's Technology Team hopes these tips are helpful.