Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Drew Charter School, we are committed to seeing and embracing the entirety of each child, creating a culture that is inclusive of all students and their families, and providing a rich educational experience rooted in equity and compassion.

The school’s commitment to equity is anchored by support from Drew’s Board of Directors who in the fall of 2019 adopted the following equity statement formalizing their commitment to equity at Drew: 

Drew Board of Directors Commitment to Equity Statement

As part of our steadfast efforts to ensure equitable outcomes for  ALL Drew Charter School students, we, the Board of Directors, individually and collectively, make an explicit commitment to identify, acknowledge, and dismantle policies and practices that reinforce systemic racism, and to  educate and equip ALL of our students with the ability and opportunity to be leaders in the continuous work of creating a true, beloved community.

- Drew Charter School Board of Directors

Click here to view a joint letter on equity from Drew’s Board Chair and Head of School.

Drew’s Office of Culture and Equity

The Office of Culture and Equity was established in July of 2018, and with it Drew formalized its commitment to maintaining its rich diversity and continuing its 18-year investment of equitable education in the East Lake neighborhood. Even more, the office gave Drew an opportunity to be reflective and intentional about the ways in which it includes students and families into its culture.

The Office currently works to supplement the existing curriculum and programs for students to create a more inclusive environment to learn and thrive, to provide equity and inclusion based professional development for teachers, and to facilitate conversations for parents about raising compassionate, culturally informed children.

A Message from Drew's Head of School on Equity

With an address that expresses his personal and professional commitment to Equity, Drew’s Head of School, Peter McKnight, articulates in the video below the school’s comprehensive commitment to equitable outcomes for all students, the school’s equity statement, and equity initiatives already underway. 

If you have questions or curiosities or you would like to get involved in this work here at Drew, please email Terra Gay at terra.gay@drewcharterschool.org or reach out to your academy principals or deans for ways of supporting the school’s equity efforts.